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Stranded on a Deserted Island…..

You may have heard the question, if you were stranded on a deserted island, what movie star would you like to be on that island? Or for the ladies, I’ve heard, what one piece of make-up would you want? Evidently most women chose mascara; I myself would chose foundation or lipstick. (Of course this query begs the question, if no one else is on the island, why would you need make- up?) Along this line of questioning, recently after a Philharmonic concert, a group of us asked the question: If you were stranded on an island what 5 pieces of Classical music would you want (along with your CD player, I suppose, and some long-lasting batteries). Tough question for a violinist. I chose: “Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony (especially the 2nd movement), Beethoven’s 7th Symphony (especially the 2nd movement), Bach’s Suite #3 in D,   2nd movement (commonly known as “Air for the G String”), Barber’s Adagio for Strings, Elgar’s Enigma Variations, the Nimrod Movement, and Richard Strauss’ Don Juan. But what about the Mendelssohn Italian Symphony, Dvorak’s New World Symphony, all the Brahms’s Symphonies, other R. Strauss masterworks, Mahler, etc. etc.? …… tough question.

What would you chose?Image


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One More Day: A Magical Story (Part 4 of 4) or: “Did you Know you were Dying?

As we drove, we talked. I asked him if we could drive up  Bogus Basin Road, where he had died and he was okay with that. When we got there, we got out and sat on the hillside by the makeshift paddle/memorial that his friends had made. The sky was blue with tendrils of clouds floating lazily above. Flies and bees buzzed nearby. I asked David to point out exactly where he lay on the road when he passed.

Not only did he do that, but I had a vision of David lying on the road, on his left side, still semi “seated” on his bicycle.

“David, there are a couple of things I’ve so wanted to know about that day. Did you know you were dying?”

“No. When I approached the eight mile marker, I felt really winded and weak, and knew I had to stop. A vision flashed before me of my fainting in wrestling practice when I was 15.Winning the race wasn’t as important to me as taking care of myself, so I stopped. As soon as I stopped, I fell to the ground, and later realized I died instantly. I didn’t feel any pain. Immediately I was standing by the side of the road, looking at myself lying on the ground. I didn’t realize what was going on at first.

“A man came up in a van in about a minute and I watched him and soon others try CPR. Friends and race participants were gathering on the hillside watching efforts to save me. By this time I was pretty freaked out because I realized I had died. I was in such shock. It took a long time for it to register. I saw Joe take a kayak paddle out of his car, cut off the end and place it in the ground on the hillside, directly above where I lay on the road. I was there until the paramedics came and the coroner’s van took me down the hill.

“I was freaked, as I said. But immediately after that I found myself in a tunnel, with a very bright light at the end of the tunnel. I saw some people walking towards me but couldn’t make them out. Then as they got closer I saw it was Grandma.  She was crying, and we hugged and cried. Behind her were Charlie and a few other of my friends who had died. It was somber but I was happy to see Grandma and my friends.”

I said, “After you died, I read everything I could about near-death experiences  and wondered.”

“Over the next few weeks I was there by your side,” David continued. “ I was standing by you when you visited me at the funeral home. I wept along with you, but wanted to comfort you and say I was okay.” I was at the memorial service, and couldn’t believe there were over 400 people there. I was honored at what all my friends were saying.

“After I got to the other side, it took some time of grieving and adjustment, but as I said, with the kayaking, and with family I’m happy now. Time passes more quickly where I am.

“I was bummed when I found out my heart diagnosis, bummed that the doctors couldn’t figure it out. If I had known I wouldn’t have gone on the triathlon that day, but I would have kept kayaking.”

I  cried as David told me his story.  We drove back down the hill and into my house. It was 6pm.

“I have to go now, Mom. But I want you to know, when you come I will be the first to greet you and walk you to the other side. For me, as I said, the time will fly much quicker than it will for you.”

“David, you don’t know how much this visit has meant to me. It has confirmed my belief that we will be reunited someday.”

“We will Mom. It was so great seeing you.” We gave each other another long  hug.

“I’m going now mom. I’ll see you soon. Try not to be sad. I love you.”

“I’m glad you’re happy. I love you so much David. I can’t wait to be with you again.”

David stood up, and in a flash he was gone. But my heart was happier than it had been in the last eight years. My hope was confirmed.


David, age 20, on Spirit Falls–appropriately named


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One More Day: A Magical Story (Part 3 of 4)

We talked and talked. We talked about his sister.  He had watched her grieve and realized how much she loved him. He was amazed at how much his little niece had grown. He was sad that he didn’t know his sister was expecting another baby when David died, but was honored that she  named the baby’s middle name, David.  We talked about my dad’s last few weeks.

We talked about David’s girlfriend.  He had watched her grieve. He liked the man she married, six years after David died. David grieved along with her and his other best friends. He was pleased the two good friends that he had introduced to each other nine years ago now  had two little girls. Who would have known David would be a match-maker?

“Mom, I’m so pleased with the book you wrote. Yes, I read it, after all you left it for me on my dresser. I was helping you write it, giving you words to express the stories with. I know that was a huge endeavor and it means a lot to me.”

“It was a labor of love for me. I really felt your presence while I wrote the book and liked to think you were helping me. My mission in life since you died, is to maintain a really good relationship with my daughter and my grandkids, and to honor you by helping keep your memory alive.”

to be continued…


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One More Day –A Magical Story (Part 2 of 4)

(a fantasy about my son who passed away, visiting me for one day– see Part 1 )

I drank in the sight of David. He looked just like he did the last time I saw him. A handsome age 24, although he looked more like 20. Short  black hair, beautiful blue eyes, chiseled face, thin and muscular, tanned. I was speechless.

Finally I asked, “How did you find me at my new house?”

“Well,” he chuckled, “I hear you talk to me every morning in the room you’ve designated as ‘my room,’ and you gave me the address when you moved.”

“When you died I thought I could never leave that  house because that was a house you had been in, and what if you came to visit and couldn’t find me? So it was hard to leave.”

“I can see you and also hear you when you talk to me. I can see Dad and  my sister and her family as well.”

“I hope you don’t see me at my worst,  when I’m swearing and such.”

“No, I don’t see you at moments when you wouldn’t want to be seen.”

“What have you been doing? Tell me all about it,”  I asked.

David told me he did indeed kayak where he was, that the rivers were huge and the scenery was gorgeous. He kayaked with his friends who had also passed, Daniel, Charlie, Matt, Toby, Gordon, Ray, Walt, Eric, Kelly, and others. He also kayaked with other boaters who he had not met on this side. There was a large brotherhood of boaters.

“ I was there when Grandpa came,” David said. “You should have seen the happy reunion he had with Grandma. I’ve been with her and her heart ached for you when I died. She saw you and knew how hard it was and saw how brave you were. I’ve also met my great grandparents. Grandpa Ray was especially excited to meet his great grandson.”

I said, “Grandpa always wanted me to hurry up and get married so he could meet his first great grandchild. But he died before I was married.”

“Mom, ’m happy you’re enjoying your retirement. I ’m really amazed at all you do, but that doesn’t surprise me, you were always that way.”

“Thanks sweetie. Did you see me travel to England, France, Hawaii, Peru, China, and Egypt?”

“Yes! I was along with you on all of those trips. That was fantastic. And I was surprised when you took up motorcycling with Howard, and was along on those three great road trips, too. Way to go! I’m proud of you.”

“I was hoping you could find out about that. You know I am scared in big winds, but other than that, it’s a blast.”

To be continued…..


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One More Day: A Magical Story in Four Parts

I have recorded dreams about my son David since he died eight years ago at age 24.Image

Lately, I’ve been concerned that my dreams have dwindled quite a bit. However two weeks ago I was blessed with a vivid dream. I walked into the living room, and David was sitting on my couch, wearing his black Revolution tee shirt. “Hi, Mom,” he said. I was so happy to see him. Surprisingly, I had the same dream two more times in the next few days. I was happy, thinking this was a “visitation” dream, what some termed as a type of dream where our loved ones who have passed on  visit us in our sleep and talk to us, as opposed to a regular dream.

A few mornings later, after having showered and dressed, I walked into the living room. There on the couch was David in his Revolution tee shirt and blue jeans. I gasped loudly  and fell to the floor, my heart pounding in my chest. Was I dreaming? David, said “Mom, don’t be scared. It’s me, you aren’t dreaming. I was given permission to visit you for a day.”

I was crying and couldn’t get off the floor. David walked over, knelt down and helped me to my feet. He was “real”. His physical presence was solid. We hugged a long time while I wept on David’s shoulder. He cried too, although he tried to hide it from me.

After what seemed like an hour, when my heart beat returned to almost normal, we sat down on the couch. “I can’t believe this. “ I said. “I’ve been hoping and praying for this for eight years, but knew if I did see you I’d be scared and might have a heart attack.”

“I know it’s shocking,” he said. “I tried to give you a ‘heads up’ about this visit in your dreams. I couldn’t email or call you in advance,” he laughed.

“I got the dreams,” I said. “How long can you stay?”

“About twelve hours. No one else can see me on this visit, so I’ll have to be gone before Howard gets home.”

To be continued…….


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I Haven’t fallen off the face of the earth

I want to let my friends and readers to know that I will be away from blogging and reading

blogs for about 3 weeks. I wish I could say it’s because I’m going to Bora Bora. Unfortunately

it’s not nearly as glamorous as that. I have piles of paperwork, taxes, my Dad’s estate issues

and other things of that ilk to deal with. I will return to Word Press in about three weeks

or less. Thanks for your patience, and don’t give up on me.


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